Photo Fine Art By Mary

Fine Art Prints

I create each image from my digital photographs or scanned film negatives and slides.  Blossoms of Desire images mostly are flowers as they entranced me in nature, unchanged.  Watercolor Prints are the serendipitous results when I use Adobe Photoshop to experiment with an image, using the visual equivalent of what is called “willing suspension of disbelief” in literature.  I print these abstract digital “happenings” on watercolor paper, and I never know what to say when people ask, “How did you do that?”  The Watercolor Prints are not paintings even though they look like brushwork.

Fine Art Pic1

Widescreen Paintography Prints are collages I compile in Adobe Photoshop –- each picture from hundreds of individual photographs, mostly of orchids. These labor-intensive creations spring from the “eureka moment” when I realized, “These aren’t just flowers, they look like fish and shells and coral!” Hence I began organizing these hundreds of photo selections into “underwater” scenarios. 

To balance my playful and fantastical visions of flowers, I also photograph landscapes and travel scenes, wildlife, architectural details and abstract images from nature. I take my Nikon D-200 and D-70 with me on cross-country and international travels, and on frequent local forays, roaming Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, and nearby Maryland. In recent years, I have found beauty and design in many non-flower scenes and objects.

Fine Art Pic 2

In my digital darkroom, I personally print and sign each fine art original photo. I use the Epson Stylus Pro 4800 with UltraChrome archival pigment inks and archival papers. These materials are estimated by the Wilhelm Imaging Research institute to able to retain their original color and intensity for 75 years before any noticeable fading. I include with each original print a Certificate of Authenticity, verifying that it is the only print bearing its individual edition number, and that I alone, as the artist, maintained complete control of its production.

Prices and Sizes
Size (in.)
Size (in.)
11 x 14 7.5 x 9.5 $50 $75 $110
12 x 16 7.5 x 11.5 $75 $100 $135
16 x 20 10.5 x 13.5 $125 $155 $205
18 x 24 10.5 x 16.5 $150 $180 $245
18 x 24 11.5 x 17.5 $150 $180 $245
18 x 24 12.5 x 18.5 $150 $180 $245
22 x 28 15.5 x 19.5 $200 $250 $325
22 x 30 15.5 x 23.5 $210 $260 $350
12.5 x12.5 8 x 8 $50 $75 $110
17 x 17 11 x 11 $75 $100 $135

* Frames available in Dark Cherry or Black Wood

Widescreen Paintography
Mat Unavailable Image Size (in.) Price
(Print Only)
N/A 10 x 20-21 $200
N/A 12.5 x 25-26 $250
N/A 15.5 x 33 $300
N/A 10 x 30-31 $250
N/A 12.5 x 37-38 $300
N/A 15.5 x 46-48 $350
N/A 10 x 40 $300
N/A 12.5 x 50 $400
N/A 15.5 x 62 $500

Options for Matting and Framing

For many people, framing is a personal decision accommodating preexisting decorative styles. All of my images are available unmatted, for those who want to choose their own mats and frames. Most of my images fit or can be cropped to fit in standard sizes of mats and frames. Exceptions are all of the Widescreen Paintography Prints and five other custom-sized images, which are available only unmatted. If you choose to purchase your picture matted, I use gallery white archival, acid-free mats for an elegant presentation of each fine art print – to grace your home, office or museum. All of the mat sizes I offer in the chart below fit in standard frames – except for the square images.

For those who prefer to order my pictures ready to hang, I also offer two choices of solid wood framing, in satin-black finish and dark cherry. These options are available for all of my images except for the Paintography and the five custom-shaped pictures. Extra charges apply for framing, handling and shipping.

Lightbox, Shopping Cart and Check Out

The “Lightbox” feature of the website lets you select your favorites images and keep up to 30 of them available for comparison and future browsing. To purchase one or more images from your Lightbox, click on the thumbnails, view the enlarged images, and select the sizes and other options for unmatted, matted or framed prints to send to your Shopping Cart. In order to make a purchase, you must log in, at the “My Account” page. We respect your privacy, and your username and password will be secure on the web site, used only for communication you initiate with us. After you create a username and password, you will have access to the shopping cart and check-out features of the website.

There are several ways to view the images on the website, through their categories and by using the search engine on the database. Within each of the eight galleries, you can choose to have the thumbnail appear in scrollable pages of from 6 to 96 images. You also can turn on a slideshow of a page by clicking on the bar at the top of a page. Double-click on a thumbnail for a large view of the image, plus information on sizes, options, description and keywords. For the search engine, look to the bottom and top of each page for “keyword search” and “Advanced Search.” These options allow you to narrow your search, for example, to all images containing a “rose” or to broaden it to include all categories of pictures taken in Cambodia or at the National Arboretum.

Shipping and Returns

All prices in the chart below are net, and your orders will be shipped at the additional UPS or USPS insured rates applicable to your destination. We do not use Fed Ex. If you are not satisfied with an unmatted print, you can return it for a 100 percent refund of its cost (not including shipping and insurance charges), provided you return it undamaged and within 35 days from our shipping date to you. Contact us for specific instructions before you make a return. Once you purchase a matted or framed image, it cannot be returned.